We bring the keyboards to your school and set up a complete music lab. Every student gets to work on their
very own keyboard with individual headphones. Method books, materials and tools are included. Our usual
course lengths are eight weeks long, with one hour sessions each week. Tuition varies depending on
operating costs per school.

The Musical Minds method is the fastest growing method of teaching piano and music on the United States
West Coast today! It is currently used to teach thousands of students in schools throughout many parts of
California and Washington States.

What makes this method unique?
  • We use visual tools developed to make learning piano theory more logical and easy, so that the student
    can play actual songs faster, with less emphasis on repetitive drills and scales.
  • Our students begin to learn in groups. In the social environment, we are able to introduce theory in more
    fun and engaging ways, such as games and activities.
  • Instructors are trained to create and maintain high levels of motivation.
  • We use popular music: the music the student wants to play rather than the music the instructor wants
    the student to play.

We recruit the highest quality individuals to lead our programs. Our instructors are trained to deliver our
curriculum with the highest level of enthusiasm. The majority of our instructors have music degrees and
extensive teaching experience. And all of our class sessions are regularly monitored and supervised. We run
background checks on all of our instructors.
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