Private lessons at home:
Summer discount rates
for kids who have been
enrolled in our
after school programs!
How it works:
If your son or daughter was enrolled in our Piano Keyboard Club at their school, you can sign them up for our
summer special discount private lesson program. As long as they were enrolled in our multi-week sessions
during this 2016 -17 school year, they are eligible. Our instructor comes to your home for one- on- one music
lessons for a low, low rate.
The benefits:
Your kids will be able to build on the foundation that our instructors gave them in the group classes. So they
will not only learn the skills needed for group ensemble playing, but they will also have the devoted one on one
attention needed to develop excellent playing technique and practice skills. Here are a few other added
  • Lessons that are tailored to the students learning strengths.
  • Individual help with the projects they worked on in our group classes.
  • An emphasis on developing strong music reading skills.

Our instructors use the same Musical Minds method books that we use in our group classes, so there is no
"confusion" which often occurs when our students have private lessons with non- Musical Minds music
teachers, who use a variety of other music teaching method books.

We've discounted our normal private lesson rates by ten dollars per lesson! So our half hour lessons, which
are normally $35, are now only $30 for our you.
Similarly, our one hour student lessons are normally $55 each, but for you we have discounted them to only
$50. This is a great deal for our high quality instructors who generally charge between $60 and $75 for one
hour lessons!

So, to recap, your special rate for students who were enrolled in our group classes are:
        $30 per half hour  in home lesson
        $50 per one hour in home lesson
Regular rates for private lessons if student who was NOT enrolled in our group classes:
        $35 per half hour lesson
        $55 per one hour lesson

Getting started:
If you would like to sign up you child for this special deal, please submit the following information:

After we receive your information you will be contacted, so that we can determine who would be the best
instructor for your young student. Note: We want to match your son or daughter with an instructor who will
have the best working chemistry with each child, so that the child is comfortable and happy with the teacher.

Making payments:
Taking care of tuition for private in home lessons is simple and easy! Our online payment option is available
through PayPal. In order to qualify for our discounted rate you will need to pay for a minimum of five lessons in
advance. However, you can pay for one initial lesson, so that you and your son/daughter can decide if you are
happy with our instructor.

                               To make a payment now, please go here   

For additional questions, please email us at:, or you can reach
us by phone at: 310-478-5859.

Your name:
Your child's name & age:
School he/she attends:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Days/Times child is
available for lessons
Let us know any
particulars about the
student, such as special
requirements or if the
student has had any
previous music training.

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