Our Programs
Piano Keyboard Club
We bring electric piano keyboards to the school and theme songs. Using
specially created visual tools and books, we teach the participants basic music
reading skills and piano playing technique, so that they get playing the songs
that they like right away. Our highly trained Instructors use lots of music
learning games and activities to teach the basics of music theory, so the sessions
are great fun for the kids, and they stay focused and motivated from week to
week as they progress through the program. Session are usually organized into
six or eight week segments. Once a sessions in each school throughout the
school year, and to progress our students to a high level of musical proficiency.
At the end of each segment our participant students generally have either a
recital or an Open House (where parents are invited to come and learn more
about what their kids are doing in the program).
Our class ratio is generally never more than eight students per instructor (all of
whom are background checked and are trained on school policies and
procedures for maintaining the utmost safety of all students).
The Piano Keyboard Club offers each child a well rounded approach to learning
music in a social environment with other kids.

Junior Rockers Band Program
For kids who love rock music and dream of being in a rock band, this is the
place for you. They’ll get the chance to learn to play their favorite rock riffs on
electric keyboards, guitars, bass and drums, in a real rock band setting. We
invite both experienced and beginner musicians to take part, as there are roles
for everyone in our ensemble band! Also, guitarists and bass players as well as
singers are welcome to come and be a part of the fun. Instruments are provided
for each session, but kids are welcome to bring their own instruments if they
prefer. Come and jam on music from artists like the Beatles, Michael Jackson,
Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, Taylor Swift and many more. And get really to
rock out on the final day live performance.

Private in home lessons
There is much to be said for 1 on 1 music instruction. In fact, the great majority
of music learning in America still takes place in the form of private lessons in
people's homes. Unfortunately, most music teachers out there have not moved
with the times; they use old fashioned teaching methods that fail to inspire or
motivate their students. Musical Minds has created an in-home lesson
curriculum that keeps the student focused and engaged, and moves each one in
their own direction and at their own pace. Our private students will not only
learn playing skills, but will learn how to tap into their creative abilities as well.
Our unique approach to private music lessons allows the student to keep on
having fun as they progress.