The popularity of our program is making us expand very quickly. Last
year we added at least twenty new school locations, and in 2016-17 you
can expect to find our Piano Keyboard Club in over fifty more new
hosting elementary schools on the West Coast.
Look for Musical Minds in Seattle in the following new locations:
Elementary, Loyal Heights Elementary, Broadview Thomson
Elementary, Thurgood Marshall Elementary, BF Day
and Cedar Crest
 (in Bellevue).
In Orange County, California, we have been on hiatus in many schools
while we have been reorganizing our operations there, but we'll be
coming back with a vengeance in many of our traditional locations. And
we'll be coming to more schools in the Yorba Linda area.

Other new locations already set to go in September include several new
schools in North San Diego County, particularly in San Marcos!

Our affiliates in Denver, Portland, the Bay Area and Texas are expected
to vastly increase the reach of our programs as we go forward.