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Will students learn to read music?
Yes! We teach them to read standard musical notation. We teach
them about and all of the things they’ll need to sight read musical

What equipment will the student need at home?
In our Piano Keyboard Clubs we provide an individual piano keyboard
for each and every participant, but the student will need something
to practice on at home. Any piano or electric keyboard will do, as long
it has full sized keys. If you do not have a piano or keyboard of any
kind, we recommend Casio or Yamaha brand electric keyboards. Their
starter models can be purchased for under $100, and you can find
them at places such a Target, Costco, Guitar Center, as well as from
online music equipment stores. We highly recommend Casio or
Yamaha starter keyboards, (compatible with the models we use in the
Musical Minds program).

Will there be an advanced session at school after the end
of the beginner's session?
Yes. Musical Minds has its own method books, designed to take our
students through four separate eight week sessions, or a total of 32
weeks. The method books teach piano technique, music theory, music
notation reading, ensemble playing, and finally, songwriting skills.
Students who stay with the program throughout the school year
acquire a substantial amount of musical skill and knowledge!

Are group classes better than private lessons?
Kids can take private lessons anytime, but the only time that they are
at the exact same level as each other is when they are absolute
beginners. In a group setting, kids see the musical experience as
something which isn’t a solitary process. They learn with a sense of
camaraderie that only a group program can give them. The group
allows them the ability to take part in musical learning games and
recitals, and as they progress they have the opportunity to play
together in ensemble groups, duos and trios. They have more fun
and tend to want to stay with the musical learning process longer.

How can I help?
Each week the students will be working on something new, such as
right hand melody or left hand bass notes, and we ask the students
to practice during the songs that they have personally selected and
enjoy playing, it’s likely that the student will practice without needing
to be “urged” to do so. Parents can help by making sure that the
student has a keyboard or piano of some kind to practice on, and by
making sure that the student keeps his/her books, songs, keyboard
cards and other materials together. It’s also important that you
remind the student to bring the material to the class each week.

My son/daughter has already been taking piano lessons.
Yes. Just like any musical band or orchestra, our groups are made up
of kids of different age groups and different skill levels. They work
individually and in groups, and they benefit from working with kids
having different skill levels.

How does the Musical Minds keyboard program compare in
value to alternatives, such as private lessons?
We keep the cost of our program very low, relative to its value. We
provide all equipment, music, teaching aids, game materials and prizes
for less than half the cost one would normally pay for a one hour
private piano lesson.

How far can the students go with this program?
You may have heard about studies which say that the study of music
improves a child’s scholastic aptitude. Well, it’s true! Music improves a
child’s Spatial Temporal Reasoning Abilities, which is their ability to
visualize complex concepts such as those which are commonly found
in math, science and even language comprehension. Musical Minds
recognizes that the longer students stay with music, and the deeper
they get, the greater the benefits. To this end we offer advanced level
ensemble programs, creative songwriting programs and advanced
theory programs. We also offer private in-home instruction above
and beyond our group enrichment programs. Summer sessions are
also offered.

Our Private Lesson Program
Many of our instructors also offer private instruction and will come to
your home. We offer sibling discounts and special home group rates.
Contact us for more information.
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