The benefits for schools
School principals and parents alike
have agreed that our Piano
Keyboard Club is an incredible
addition to a child's extra-curricular
education. Budget cuts have left
most schools with limited music
and art in the syllabus. Yet most
experts agree that music and art are
crucial in the scholastic
development of the child. Musical
Minds aims to fill the gap, and to
restore the completeness of your
school's students, so that they can
reach their full potential
Host your very own
Rock 'n Roll
Right in your own home!
For your kids and their friends!
Find out more -
after school music
enrichment in the
western United States
since 2001. Our
programs have been
offered in hundreds of
public and private
schools in California,
Washington State and

Musical Minds offers a variety of
after school music programs this
year in selected school districts,
including the After school Rock
Band and the Music Composing &
Recording Workshop for Kids. Our
most popular program, however,
continues to be the Piano
Keyboard Club. Thousands of kids
have enrolled in the club, in Los
Angeles, San Diego, Orange
County, Seattle, Santa Barbara
and Dallas.
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